Killer Bee Bomb – new DnD magic item

Killer Bee Bomb

A bee-utiful way to sting thy enemies. Unleash swarms of killer bees with this new Dungeons & Dragons magic item!

Killer Bee Bomb

Wondrous Item, rare

The gnome artificer / druid Geneu Tercer was famous for his unusual creations that turned nature into weapons. His killer bee bombs and venomous snake arrows once helped the people of Fardoth village defeat a clan of invading orcs.

Guided Bomb. As an action, you can throw this item and direct it to fly to any space within 60 feet that you can see. The bomb then releases 1d4 Swarms of Killer Bees that will attack any creature within 5 feet.

After 1 minute, any remaining bees return to the bomb. The bomb refills with killer bees at dawn.

Killer Bee Bomb card 1
Killer Bee Bomb card 1
Killer Bee Bomb card 2
Killer Bee Bomb card 2

This magic item was inspired by a high school gaming buddy who thought that bombs filled with killer bees would be a good way to take out enemy tank crews in our Top Secret, S.I. game.

Back then, we thought it was funny. But eventually I realized it was a really cool idea for Dungeons & Dragons, if not a modern spy setting.

The Killer Bee Bomb is a fun ranged weapon for druids, rangers, and other nature-based characters. The swarms of bees that it releases inflict damage and can also restrain a target by engulfing it.

This one’s for you, Eugene!

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