Looking Back at 2023 and Forward to 2024

Looking Back at 2023 and Forward to 2024

This year I continued to shift my focus from film to tabletop RPG design, although I couldn’t resist the opportunity to work as Script Supervisor and VFX Artist on the low budget horror New Fears Eve.

Joshua slates for New Fears Eve
Joshua slates for New Fears Eve

Arcadian Media’s first Dungeons & Dragons supplements were published on DM’s Guild. Tristan’s Trove of Magic Loot volume 1 launched in April, containing D&D homebrew magic items, monsters, and spells originally published on this blog.

Tristan's Trove of Magic Loot volume 1

Tristan’s Trove of Magic Loot volume 2 followed in July with thirty four new magic items and six new monsters.

Tristan's Trove of Magic Loot volume 2

Also in July, I attended GenCon for the first time in decades. Three friends and I played D&D, Shadowrun, and other games. We had a great time, and I learned a lot about creating and promoting tabletop RPGs.

Joshua with an Ultramarine at GenCon 2023
Joshua with an Ultramarine at GenCon 2023

I continued releasing D&D homebrew twice a week while also running the Quentras campaign every other Tuesday and developing the Dream Raiders RPG.

Instead of writing a third volume of Tristan’s Trove, I decided to update each magic item and create additional items with adventure hooks that Dungeon Masters could use to help player characters find those items. This idea became Arcane Treasures, a 128 page D&D supplement that will be released in early 2024.

Arcadian Media’s social media reach expanded in 2023, gaining hundreds of new followers on Instagram. Here are the year’s most popular posts:

#1: Gobble transmutation spell

Gobble transmutation spell

This repost of a Thanksgiving 2022 spell with new art captured the public’s attention with all kinds of comments and questions about how the spell can be used.

#2: Ring of the Shadowdancer

Ring of the Shadowdancer magic item

This simple magic item gained a lot of attention mainly from people arguing that it should be a Rare item that requires attunement. I agreed with them, updating the magic ring for Arcane Treasures.

#3: Dream Reaver shortsword

Dream Reaver magic shortsword

The first magic item I’ve created that is dream related, even though it is not part of the upcoming Dream Raiders game. Hopefully it’s popularity means roleplaying gamers are interested in dream related games.

Coming in 2024

Here are some of the things we’re working on this year:

  • Arcane Treasures: 128 pages of new magic items with adventure hooks.
  • Dream Raiders: A sci-fi fantasy RPG set in a world where magic is powered by dreams.
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: A compendium of world-ending threats for high level D&D campaigns.
  • Bounties & Contracts: A series of short adventures for assassins and bounty hunting player characters.

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