Gobble – new transmutation spell for DnD

Gobble spell for Dungeons and Dragons

Get ready for a Thanksgiving feast with a spell that turns your stomach into a Bag of Holding!


1st-level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range/Area: Self

Components: V, S

Duration: 8 hours

Your stomach takes on the properties of a Bag of Holding (Basic Rules, pg. 153). Any object that can fit in your mouth is safely stored for the duration of the spell and can be regurgitated at will. Your stomach can hold up to 500 pounds, not exceeding a volume of 64 cubic feet.

When the spell ends, any objects remaining inside your stomach are also regurgitated.

Classes: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Gobble spell card 1
Gobble spell card 2

Although this spell was inspired by Thanksgiving, it can actually be very useful to your Dungeons & Dragons characters. Need to smuggle hundreds of coins out of a dragon’s lair? Gobble them up! Want to beat an ogre in a pie-eating contest, then vomit five hundred pounds of pie on an enemy? Well, you get the picture.

A Bag of Holding is one of the most popular D&D magic items for a reason. It’s incredibly useful! The Gobble spell is a little more limited with an eight hour duration and size restrictions on what your character can fit in their mouth. Still, creative players will find many uses for this spell.

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