Tristan’s Trove of Magic Loot volume 1

Tristan's Trove of Magic Loot volume 1

Tired of the Same Old Loot?

Infamous treasure hunter Tristan Kane has collected twenty new magic items, three new monsters, and five new spells for your Dungeons & Dragons game.

Tristan's Trove of Magic Loot volume 1

Available now at DMs Guild.

Tristan’s Trove of Magic Loot volume 1 contains D&D homebrew magic items, monsters, and spells originally published at

New Magic Items

  • Amulet of Wild Shape
  • Bident of Voralis
  • Bramble Ball
  • Explorer’s Machete
  • Eye of the Triclops
  • Hunter’s Crossbow
  • Katana of the Ronin
  • Killer Bee Bomb
  • Nana’s Magic Brownie
  • Pocket Piano
  • Potion of Ogre Stench
  • Quilled Cuirass
  • Quiver of Ammunition
  • Razor Orb
  • Sai of Defense
  • Soul Reaper Sickle
  • Snake Arrow
  • Splitter Kukri
  • Storm Hammer
  • Wolf Whistle

New Monsters

  • Swarm of Killer Bees
  • The Triclops
  • Warrior Ghoul

New Spells

  • Cat Call
  • Gobble
  • Hammer Fist
  • Powerball
  • Unity
Interior pages of Tristan's Trove of Magic Loot volume 1

“If you’re like me, you’ve looted more bags of holding and healing potions than you care to remember. So it’s refreshing to steal… I mean, FIND magic loot that’s never seen by most mortal beings. This trove is my first collection of magic items, spells, and monsters encountered and procured in my many adventures. Use them as you see fit.” — Tristan Kane

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