Ring of the Chameleon – new DnD magic item

Ring of the Chameleon new magic item for Dungeons and Dragons

This new magic ring for Dungeons & Dragons lets you climb walls or blend into your environment like a chameleon.

Ring of the Chameleon

Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

Weight: none

This gold and enamel ring has a small chameleon figurine on it.

Chameleon Camouflage. As a bonus action while wearing the ring, you can activate the ring and change the color of your skin and clothes to match your surroundings. While the ring is activated, Wisdom (Perception) checks made to see you have disadvantage, and you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks made to hide.

Chameleon Climbing. As an action while wearing the ring, you can cast Spider Climb without a material component. For up to an hour, you gain the ability to move up, down, and across vertical surfaces and upside down along ceilings, while leaving your hands free. You also gain a climbing speed equal to your walking speed. This ability can be used once per day and recharges at dawn.

Ring of the Chameleon magic item card 1
Ring of the Chameleon magic item card 2

Attack of the Kobold Commandos

A short Dungeons & Dragons adventure for levels 3-7

Clouds of darkness are spreading across the land. To combat this mysterious threat, a priestess of light named Myarla plans to conduct a ceremony in an elven temple high in the trees. She asks for your protection while she uses a crystal of pure light to fight the darkness.

Before the ceremony can commence, the temple is attacked by a crack team of Kobold Commandos led by a Dragonborn Veteran named Glaven Kurst. They serve Cryxanth’ralek, the Adult Black Dragon responsible for the spreading darkness, and intend to steal or destroy the light crystal.

Kurst and the commandos use their stealth and climbing skills to attack from higher branches in the giant tree. If you defeat the commandos and Myarla completes her ceremony, you are rewarded with 500 gp and Kurst’s Ring of the Chameleon.

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