Nana’s Soothing Cigar – new DnD magic item

Nanas Soothing Cigar magic item for Dungeons and Dragons

Nana Kindleaf is an elderly gnome cleric who specializes in herbal remedies. This new magic item for Dungeons & Dragons is a green cigar that cures disease and removes unwanted conditions. Nana’s Soothing Cigar goes perfectly with one of Nana’s Magic Brownies, so light it up!

Nana’s Soothing Cigar

Potion (cigar), rare

Weight: none

Nana Kindleaf’s hand-rolled cigars contain magic herbs grown by the gnome granny.

As an action, you can light and take a few puffs of the cigar. You regain 4d8 hit points and end either one disease or one condition afflicting you. The condition can be blinded, deafened, frightened, or poisoned.

The cigar can be used 5 times before it is expended.

Nanas Soothing Cigar magic item card 1
Nanas Soothing Cigar magic item card 2

Nana’s Secret Recipe

A short Dungeons & Dragons adventure for Levels 4-8

Nana Kindleaf needs your help. The scroll that helps the elderly gnome remember her secret brownie recipe has been stolen by a Drow elf named Lyssara Dal’fraaz. Lyssara and her three male drow companions can be tracked to a nearby cave.

You must stop the drow elves from reaching their home community, where Lyssara plans to sell the secret recipe to the highest bidder. To aid your mission, Nana gives a Magic Brownie and Soothing Cigar to each member of your party.

The four drow and their Giant Spider set traps and an ambush if they suspect they are being followed. If you defeat the dark elves and return Nana’s secret recipe, she gives you more brownies and cigars and a gem worth 500 gp.

Special thanks to Sage Cowan, creator of Nana Kindleaf.

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