Arcadian Entertainment short films part 1

Fallen Sky short film

After The Cypher, I collaborated with friends on many low budget short films. This first post contains the shorts I directed while living in LA from 1999-2005.

AKIRA: The Fan Trailer

Halfway through making The Cypher, I met filmmaker Juan Avilez. We are both huge anime fans, so we decided to collaborate on a live action fan film to honor AKIRA.

AKIRA live action fan trailer
AKIRA fan trailer poster
Juan Avilez (director), Demitrie Livaditis (Kaneda), and Joshua Siegel (director, Tetsuo)
Juan Avilez (director), Demitrie Livaditis (Kaneda), and Joshua Siegel (director, Tetsuo)
oshua Siegel and Juan Avilez set up a forced perspective shot with a toy motorcycle.
Joshua Siegel and Juan Avilez set up a forced perspective shot with a toy motorcycle.

Fallen Sky

Fallen Sky was an ambitious fantasy script inspired by my fiction and artwork. We shot several scenes but I was unable to finish the short after losing access to one of the key locations. It was a huge learning experience, and I used the footage to create a trailer for the unfinished film.

Fallen Sky short film trailer
Fallen Sky preview poster
Fallen Sky preview poster


I wrote DASH because I wanted to direct an action short that could be completed in a few days. It’s the first of three short films that feature a protagonist racing against a deadline… what I call my “Running Man trilogy”.

DASH short film
DASH short film promo image
DASH short film promo image

Andrew Rook is having a very bad day. After a romantic evening with a mysterious woman, the renowned jewel thief wakes up with a collar around his neck and a timer on his wrist. A voice from the collar tells him that he has only six hours to steal a priceless diamond collection or the collar will explode.

With time running out, Rook must run for his life and find a way to outwit his unseen manipulators.

After LA

I left Los Angeles in 2005 to teach English in Thailand and tour southeast Asia. When I returned to the United States in 2006, I settled in the town of Paradise in Northern California.

While working as Media Specialist for the Butte College Foundation, I continued acting in local theater and started planning my first feature film.

To be continued…

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