Temple of the Viper Queen – DnD battle map

Temple of the Viper Queen battle map

Deep in the jungle, an ancient temple has been reclaimed by a yuan-ti cult. Their leader, a priestess called The Viper Queen, is using the green Chromatic Blade to sacrifice salumani children to her dark god, Dendar the Night Serpent.

Each sacrifice made with the venomous Viper’s Kris brings the yuan-ti cultists closer to their goal: transforming the Viper Queen into a physical avatar of the Night Serpent.

To stop them, you must travel through dangerous jungles and swamps to enter the temple filled with snakes, traps, and unknown horrors.

This free downloadable map is available with or without a grid overlay for use in your favorite VTT.

Temple of the Viper Queen battle map gridded
Temple of the Viper Queen battle map gridded
Temple of the Viper Queen battle map no grid
Temple of the Viper Queen battle map no grid

Outside the Temple

The head of a giant stone snake lies half-submerged in a lake of murky water. Behind it, a crumbling stone temple is covered with thick vegetation that hides most of the structure. The giant snake head appears to be the temple entrance.

Jungle Lake

Four crocodiles (Basic Rules, pg. 122) lurk at the bottom of the lake. They will attack any medium or smaller creature that enters the water or is next to the lake for more than 2 rounds. The crocodiles can be spotted with a DC 15 investigation (wisdom) check.

If characters stay away from the water and observe the area from a distance, they will eventually see one or more crocodiles surface for air. They also witness the return of a yuan-ti raiding party.

Yuan-ti Raiders

A group of five yuan-ti purebloods (Monster Manual, pg. 310) and one Type 3 yuan-ti malison (Monster Manual, pg. 309) return to the temple with captives, two salumani children and a human Imperial scout (Basic Rules, pg. 401) named Jasper Breen.

Before entering the temple, the yuan-ti shove Breen into the water to feed and distract the crocodiles. If the characters try to save Breen and the salumani children, the yuan-ti malison and three purebloods stay to fight the characters while the other two purebloods carry the children into the temple.

Crocodiles that are already feeding will not attack characters who enter the water unless they are interrupted.


Each yuan-ti pureblood has 5d6 gold pieces, a shortbow, and a non-magical oversized kris dagger with scimitar stats.

The yuan-ti malison has 5d10 gold pieces, a small emerald worth 250 gold pieces, a longbow, a non-magical oversized kris dagger with scimitar stats, and Jasper Breen’s gear.

Jasper Breen’s gear contains rations, rope, a rough map of the area, a light crossbow, and a dagger +1 with a compass built into the pommel. It also contains a note:

kris= viper queen? iradon.

scimitar= storm crows, beware voralis

The adventure continues in our upcoming Dungeons & Dragons module Temple of the Viper Queen.

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