Resistance Agent – DnD New Background

Resistance Agent new DnD background

This new character background option is adapted from our upcoming module series The Chromatic Blades.

Your home has been taken over by a powerful tyrant, and you are a member of an underground rebellion against the occupying forces.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Stealth

Tool Proficiencies: disguise kit, thieves’ tools

Equipment: A disguise kit, a set of dark common clothes including a hood, and a pouch containing 15 gp.

Resistance Specialty

Choose the role you play in the resistance, or roll on the table below.

7Undercover spy
8Cell leader

Feature: Fight the Power

Your experience opposing the occupying force has gained you the respect of the common people. You have advantage on Persuasion checks to get aid from anyone who is not affiliated with the occupying forces. 

Suggested Characteristics

Fighting an occupying force is a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Any of your neighbors could be a collaborator, and you never know who to trust. The enemy may have stronger forces, but you have the unwavering will to overthrow your oppressors and free your homeland.

d8Personality Trait
1I seldom speak. You never know who may be listening.
2I never enter a building or a situation without an escape plan.
3I hide my pain and anger behind a smile.
4I am optimistic about the resistance. We can win this!
5I am cynical about the resistance. Are we any better than the occupiers?
6I cannot stand to see innocents suffer.
7I am obsessed with weapons and explosives.
8I believe I have nothing left to lose, and that makes me fearless.
1Liberation. I want all people to be free of oppression. (Good)
2Restoration. I want things to be the way they were before the occupation. (Neutral)
3Revenge. I want my enemies to suffer as much as I have. (Evil)
4Redemption. I must atone for the terrible things I’ve done for the resistance. (Lawful)
5Power. The only way to defeat the oppressor is to be stronger than they are. (Neutral)
6Freedom. Everyone should live however they choose. (Chaotic)
1The occupiers have imprisoned a close family member and plan to execute them.
2My best friend turned against me and joined the occupiers.
3I collaborated with the occupiers before I joined the resistance.
4The occupiers have outlawed my religion and destroyed holy places.
5My family are collaborators and don’t know I’m in the resistance.
6I narrowly escaped execution and now I am always on the run.
1I owe money or favors to a criminal organization.
2I follow any order from the resistance even if it goes against my moral code.
3I have trouble keeping my mouth shut when I drink.
4The occupiers have placed a bounty on my head.
5I am hiding a terrible secret from others in the resistance.
6I am paranoid that anyone I meet could be an enemy agent.

Resistance Agent background card 1
Resistance Agent background card 1
Resistance Agent background card 2
Resistance Agent background card 2
Resistance Agent background card 3
Resistance Agent background card 3

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