Monocle of Appraisal – new DnD magic item

Monocle of Appraisal

Identify magic items and appraise the value of nonmagical gems and other treasure with this new wonderous item for Dungeons and Dragons.

Monocle of Appraisal

Wondrous Item, rare

While looking through this monocle, you can immediately appraise the gold piece value of gemstones, art objects, and other materials. Use the values listed in Chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Identify Magic. As an action, you can cast the Identify spell with the following differences. The casting time is 1 action, it requires no material components, and you must see the object or creature being targeted but you do not have to touch it.

Monocle of Appraisal magic item card
Monocle of Appraisal

After defeating a powerful monster or overcoming a challenge, D&D characters are often rewarded with treasure.

“You find 5 gems worth 25 gp, a statuette worth 150 gp, and a +1 longsword,” the DM says. But how do adventurers know these values? Sure, some are listed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. However, not all DMs want to freely give the players this information.

A Monocle of Appraisal solves this dilemma with magic. Looking through the eyepiece reveals the monetary value of nonmagical items like gems and art objects. It also allows the user to cast the Identify spell without touching an item, without material components, and in 1 round (6 seconds) instead of 1 minute.

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