Hat of Conjuring – new DnD magic item

Hat of Conjuring

Inspired by Presto the Magician from the classic Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, this magic item lets you pull out a random conjuration. Most are good. Others… not so good.

Hat of Conjuring

Wondrous Item, rare

This green, ordinary looking pointed hat is full of surprises. As an action, you can reach into the hat to activate a random conjuration.

Roll a d12.

1You pull out a white rabbit. Use the rat statistics.
2You cast entangle.
3Harmless glitter bursts out of the hat.
4You cast flaming sphere at 2nd level.
5A geyser of water erupts like a Decanter of Endless Water.
6You cast conjure animals.
7You pull out a cockatrice. It is not friendly.
8You cast stinking cloud.
9You pull out a pouch containing 50 gold pieces.
10You cast conjure minor elementals.
11You cast insect plague at 5th level.
12Roll on the Wild Magic Surge table in the Player’s Handbook.
Random Conjuration table

This hat can be used a number of times per day equal to your proficiency bonus.

Hat of Conjuring card 1
Hat of Conjuring card 2

My first introduction to the world of tabletop roleplaying games was the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon that aired from 1983 to 1985. The show followed the adventures of a group of six young friends who were transported to the realm of Dungeons & Dragons through a magical roller coaster ride at an amusement park.

One of the main characters in the series was Presto, the magician. Presto was depicted as a shy and insecure character, often lacking self-confidence in his magical abilities. He wore a green wizard’s robe and his primary magical item was a seemingly bottomless hat that he would pull various objects out of. However, Presto had difficulty controlling his magic and often ended up conjuring the wrong item or creating unpredictable effects.

Presto the magician

Despite his shortcomings, Presto played a significant role in the series. His character represented the struggle and growth of an individual who lacked confidence in their own abilities. Throughout the show, Presto’s development as a magician and as a person was a recurring theme. He had to face his fears, overcome self-doubt, and learn to believe in himself and his magical skills.

The character of Presto resonated with many viewers, particularly those who may have felt insecure or lacked confidence in their abilities. He provided a relatable and inspiring portrayal of personal growth and overcoming obstacles. Presto’s journey and eventual development throughout the series made him a beloved character among fans of the show.

The Hat of Conjuring pays tribute to Presto, offering your D&D character some of the random magic that made him so fun.

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