Giantkin’s Amulet – new DnD magic item

Giantkins Amulet new magic item for Dungeons and Dragons

This new magic item for Dungeons & Dragons is an amulet that bestows the power and resilience of a giant.

Giantkin’s Amulet

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

Weight: 1 lb.

These amulets were created by Stone Giants and bestowed upon smaller humanoids who helped the giants in times of need.

Giant Power. While wearing the amulet, your carrying capacity is doubled, and you can wield oversized weapons without disadvantage. The amulet also provides advantage on checks to resist being grappled or shoved.

Giant Resilience. Once per day, you can speak a command word. You gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from non-magical weapons for 1 minute.

Giantkin's Amulet magic item card 1
Giantkin's Amulet magic item card 2

Valley of the Giants

A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for levels 3-7

Hidden between snow capped mountains, there is a valley of massive trees and oversized beasts of every variety. You are hired to make contact with a Stone Giant druid named Orinshale who protects the valley. Every hour you spend traveling through the valley, roll once on the random encounter table.

d6Random Encounter
11d6 Harmless Giant Butterflies
21 Giant Centipede
31d4 Giant Wasps
41d4 Giant Ants
51 Giant Toad
61 Giant Spider

Orinshale lives in a large but modest cave in the center of the valley. When you find him, he is fighting several Giant Ants that have invaded the cave. The giant tells you that the ants have been stealing his food and recently took a sacred stone that he used as a spell focus.

The ants’ nest is beneath a decaying giant log. If you go into the nest seeking Orinshale’s sacred stone, you encounter 2d4 giant ants in the upper levels. A much greater menace waits below. A Drider named Ri’Vallum has taken over the ant nest and is using dark magic to make the giant ants its servants.

The drider has created a circle of magic stones, including the one stolen from Orinshale. If you disrupt the circle by taking a stone, Ri’Vallum’s spell is broken, and the giant ants turn against the drider that enslaved them.

If you return Orinshale’s sacred stone, the stone giant rewards you with a Giantkin Amulet and a stone skillfully carved in your likeness.

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