Flying Flail – new magic weapon for DnD

Flying Flail new magic weapon for Dungeons and Dragons

This new magic item for Dungeons & Dragons is a spiked ball connected to a handle by a stream of energy that can extend the flail’s reach to 10 feet. You can also launch the spiked head at an enemy up to 60 feet away.

Flying Flail

Weapon (flail), rare (requires attunement)

Damage: 1d8+1 bludgeoning

Weight: 2 lbs.

Properties: Reach, Range 20/60

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.

Reach. The flail’s spiked ball is connected to the handle by a stream of energy. When making a melee attack with the flail, you can extend the reach to 10 ft.

Range. The flail ball can be launched from the handle. Make a ranged attack against one target within range. The ball teleports back to the handle at the start of your next turn.

Proficiency with a flail allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with it.

Flying Flail magic item card 1
Flying Flail magic item card 2

Firegate Prison

A short Dungeons & Dragons adventure for levels 8-12

The infamous Firegate Prison once held the realm’s most dangerous criminals. Perched at the edge of a volcanic crater at the top of Mt. Pelier, the prison was abandoned twenty years ago when the volcano became too active. After several years without an eruption, you are hired to investigate the prison and determine if it is safe to be used again.

Although the prison has little structural damage from the volcanic eruptions, it is now inhabited by a Fire Giant named Grez’tarek. He is attempting to open a portal to the elemental plane of fire with the help of several Magma Mephits. In the lowest level of Firegate Prison, there is a bubbling pool of lava. Grez’tarek is dropping large red gemstones into the pool.

If the fire giant drops five gemstones into the lava pool, a portal will open and a Salamander will emerge. If you defeat the giant, you can claim his treasure worth 1,000 gp and a Flying Flail. The large red gemstones are warm to the touch and are actually salamander eggs. Each egg is worth at least 250 gp.

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