Cauldron of the Witch – new DnD magic item

Cauldron of the Witch

This new magic item for Dungeons & Dragons activates powerful spells when you throw special ingredients into the cauldron.

Cauldron of the Witch

Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement)

This small iron cauldron is 1 foot wide, 1½ feet tall, and weighs 20 pounds. It contains a foul smelling green liquid that bubbles at all times.

As an action, you can throw an ingredient into the cauldron. Each ingredient activates a different spell, shown on the table below. The spell activates instantly, disregarding its casting time, and does not cost a spell slot.

Eye of newtClairvoyance (3rd level Divination)
Copper beadTiny Hut (3rd level Evocation)
Iron beadPrivate Sanctum (4th level Abjuration)
Tuft of animal furCommune with Nature (5th level Divination)
Bottle of air, water, clay, or sulfurConjure Elemental (5th level Conjuration)
Shard of a broken mirrorContact Other Plane (5th level Divination)
Feather dipped in black inkDream (5th level Illusion)
Crystal beadScrying (5th level Divination)

Any spell cast using the cauldron is cast at its base level, or the level indicated. Spells cast through the cauldron do not require concentration, and instead last their full duration.

The cauldron can be used this way 3 times each day. The green liquid evaporates after the third use, refilling at the stroke of midnight.

Cauldron of the Witch card 1
Cauldron of the Witch card 1
Cauldron of the Witch card 2
Cauldron of the Witch card 2

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