Cape of Flying – new DnD magic item

Cape of Flying

Your Dungeons and Dragons character can be a superhero with this new magic item. Use the cape as a shield or soar like a bird for up to an hour!

Cape of Flying

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

While wearing this cape, you can use an action to speak its command word. You gain a flying speed of 60 feet for 1 hour or until you repeat the command word as an action. You can use this feature again in 1d12 hours.

You can also use one hand to raise the cape as a shield, increasing your Armor Class by 2.

Cape of Flying card 1
Cape of Flying card 1
Cape of Flying card 2
Cape of Flying card 2

This magic cape is appropriate for a higher level character in a fantasy superhero campaign. However, it may not be right for a gritty, more realistic setting.

Not every Dungeon Master is keen on player characters that fly, especially if the other characters cannot. Flying can also unbalance the game in unexpected ways, such as letting characters spot an enemy at a distance.

But if all your player characters can fly, even for short amounts of time, many new scenarios and encounters become possible.

Imagine an encounter where the PCs must fly through icy canyons and caves in pursuit of a white dragon, avoiding obstacles and hidden enemies.

Let us know if you use the Cape of Flying in your Dungeons & Dragons game!

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