Arcane Treasures is now on Kickstarter

Arcane Treasures now on Kickstarter

Arcane Treasures on Kickstarter
Preorder and support on Kickstarter

Launching June 9, 2024

Arcane Treasures contains dozens of new magic items, monsters, and spells for your favorite fantasy roleplaying game. Each magic item includes an adventure hook with ways to acquire these arcane treasures.

Arcane Treasures interior pages

The book is 128 pages in full color. Additional content will be added as stretch goals.

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Arcane Treasures was created for use with the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. However, the magic items, monsters, and spells within can be easily adapted for future editions and other tabletop games.

Create your own arcane treasures with rollable tables to craft hundreds of magic items with unusual powers.

Arcane Treasures tables for crafting magic items

Looking for adventure hooks to spice up your campaign? Arcane Treasures has 90 exciting quests for every character level.

Glaive of Gravity magic item with the Gravity Well adventure

Tired of the same old foes? Face new monsters and NPCs in your quests to obtain arcane treasures.

Living Quicksand monster stats

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The PDF will be published in August 2024, and the physical copies will be available to print on demand soon after.

What’s Inside?

  • 91 new magic items
  • Adventure hooks for each item
  • 22 new monsters
  • 7 new spells
  • 16 tables for creating new magic items
Magic Weapons

Smite thy foes with powerful new magic weapons. Arcane Treasures has swords, spears, axes, bows, hammers, and more.

Wondrous Items

Unlock epic powers with unique magic items. These enchanted objects give player characters new ways to overcome challenges.

Wands and Staffs

Every wizard needs a good wand, or a staff if you prefer something bigger.

Potions and Foods

From extraordinary elixirs to magic brownies and cigars, Arcane Treasures has expendable items to give your characters a boost.

Preorder and Support on Kickstarter

Discover all these items and many more in Arcane Treasures, only on Kickstarter!

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