Arcane Gauntlet – new DnD magic item

Arcane Gauntlet new magic item for Dungeons and Dragons

This Dungeons & Dragons magic item is a gauntlet that controls a Mage Hand or Arcane Hand from a distance. You can carry a torch, disable traps, or even attack enemies with the Arcane Gauntlet.

Arcane Gauntlet

Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement)

Weight: 2 lbs.

This single gauntlet can be used as a spell focus and lets the user create a spectral hand that mimics the movements of the arcane gauntlet.

Mage Hand. As a bonus action, you can cast the Mage Hand cantrip. The mage hand has an extended range of 60 ft.

Arcane Hand. Once per day as an action, you can cast Arcane Hand at 5th level. Add the Wielding Hand effect as one of the spell effects options.

  • Wielding Hand. The arcane hand wields a melee weapon that you can wield one-handed (one with the finesse, light, or versatile property). As a bonus action, the hand makes a melee attack against one creature or object within 5 feet of it. Roll a melee attack for the weapon using your game statistics.

Arcane Gauntlet magic item card 1
Arcane Gauntlet magic item card 2

Fist of Fury

A short Dungeons & Dragons adventure for Levels 10-14

Defender’s Day is a local holiday that celebrates the defense of Talon’s Crossing during the Corruptors War. As the most powerful adventurers in the area, you and your party are given the honor of official Bridge Defenders.

To commemorate the monk Talon Shin’s lone defense of the bridge, dozens of “attackers” will try to get past you on the bridge. You must prevent as many as possible from crossing the bridge. Neither you or the attackers will be armed in the friendly contest, but non-lethal magic is allowed.

The most powerful attacker is Furiana “Fury” Tornear, a half-orc Gladiator who has an Arcane Gauntlet. She uses the Arcane Hand spell to grapple and shove opponents off the bridge. Other attackers include a Minotaur and a Weretiger.

The Defender’s Day bridge melee is meant to entertain the crowds and not cause any serious harm. Even if a few “attackers” slip past you, it’s still a good time. If you prevent Fury Tornear from crossing the bridge, she gives you her Arcane Gauntlet out of respect but demands a rematch in the arena.

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