Amulet of Wild Shape – DnD magic item for druids

Amulet of Wild Shape

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, druid characters have the ability to Wild Shape into beasts that they have seen. While this ability makes for interesting role-playing opportunities, in my opinion it is underpowered compared to the abilities of other classes in D&D.

This magic item lets your druid character Wild Shape into monstrosities as well as beasts. It also doubles the maximum CR (challenge rating) of creatures you can choose from and doubles the amount of time you can stay in that shape.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch.

Amulet of Wild Shape

Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement by a druid)

While wearing this item, you can Wild Shape into a beast or monstrosity you have seen before, at double your Max. CR. You can stay in a beast or monstrosity shape for a number of hours equal to your druid level.

Dunshie’s Curse. While you are in a beast or monstrosity shape, the amulet remains around your neck. If the amulet is taken or lost while you are in this shape, you are cursed to remain in that shape until you die or regain the amulet.

The druid Dante Dunshie used this amulet to enhance his Wild Shape abilities. However, the amulet was stolen while he was transformed into an owlbear. He remained an owlbear over thirty years until the amulet was returned and his curse was lifted.

Amulet of Wild Shape card 1
Amulet of Wild Shape card 1
Amulet of Wild Shape card 2
Amulet of Wild Shape card 2

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Tristan's Trove of Magic Loot volume 1
Tristan’s Trove of Magic Loot volume 1

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