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10 Strange Jungle Discoveries

The steamy jungles hide many mysteries and strange occurrences waiting to be discovered by your players. Instead of rolling another random encounter, try adding one of these discoveries to your next jungle adventure.

10 Strange Jungle Discoveries

1A deep pit in the ground that appears to inhale and exhale.
2Vines covered with carnivorous flowers that sing to attract birds.
3Humanoid skeletal remains with a small tree growing out of the skull.
4A tall tree made of translucent crystal. No vegetation grows near the strange tree.
5A moss covered stone stair that goes twenty feet up to nothing.
6A tree with hundreds of animal skulls tied to its branches.
7An eight foot long giant arrow stuck in the side of a tree.
8A clearing shaded by a cloud that never moves.
9Circles of mushrooms that slip underground when approached.
10The giant stone head of an ancient statue, now covered with vines.
10 Strange Jungle Discoveries table
10 Strange Jungle Discoveries card 1
10 Strange Jungle Discoveries card

This Dungeon Masters resource is included in Temple of the Viper Queen, a Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure that is Part 1 of the Chromatic Blades series.

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