10 Strange Discoveries in the Desert

10 Strange Discoveries in the Desert

The arid desert hides many mysteries and strange occurrences waiting to be discovered by your players. Instead of rolling another random encounter, try adding one of these discoveries to your next desert adventure.

  1. The head and hand of a gigantic statue sticking out of the sand.
  2. Sand dunes that move up and down like ocean swells.
  3. A ring of giant cacti encircling an oasis.
  4. The sun-bleached bones of a 50 foot long snakelike creature.
  5. A 20 foot wide crater containing an egg-shaped black stone.
  6. A child’s bare footprints in the sand can be tracked for miles, then end suddenly with nobody in sight.
  7. The wreckage of a sand-skimming trimaran, its sails torn to tattered rags.
  8. Porous rock formations that make eerie whistling and “screaming” sounds when wind blows through them.
  9. A sailing ship marooned on the sand, hundreds of miles from the nearest body of water.
  10. An ancient road paved with exquisite marble that shows no sign of wear.

10 Strange Discoveries in the Desert - card 1
10 Strange Discoveries in the Desert – card 1
10 Strange Discoveries in the Desert - card 2
10 Strange Discoveries in the Desert – card 2

Deserts are dry environments where water is scarce. There are two types of deserts: arid and semi-arid. Arid deserts have little rainfall, while semi-arid deserts receive less than 10 inches of rain per year. Semi-deserts are located between these two extremes. Deserts tend to be hot and dry, although they vary depending on their location. In some cases, deserts can be cold. Deserts are often home to animals and plants that thrive in extreme conditions. In your Dungeons and Dragons campaign, deserts can be places of mystery and danger. Desert creatures are different from monsters found in more temperate areas.

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