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San Francisco Bloodwood screening

This past Tuesday’s screening at the Brava Theater in San Francisco was a great time. The audience gathered in the beautiful lobby, where concessions and DVDs were also on sale. L. Jeffrey Moore started the show by introducing the shorts, then asked me to join him on stage.

I almost took a spill on the top step but recovered and gave a quick intro to Bloodwood before running back to the projector to start the movies. We watched trailers to upcoming projects from Red Cape Cinema and a very cool, surreal short by director Nara Denning. The final short was episode 1 of “The Experiment” by L. Jeffrey Moore.

After a retro “feature presentation” clip, Bloodwood played, and we got screams and laughs in all the right places. After the movie, I answered a few questions then went back to the lobby to sell a few DVDS and meet some cool people.

The Bloodwood cast and crew then set out in search of a bar in which to celebrate. The rest is kind of hazy, but I do know that Kate Corey, Steve Everson, Cori Jenab, Chris Madrigal, Nathan Carter, Ramiro Puente, and several others were there.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this great event!

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Bloodwood 4/20 screening in San Francisco

Tuesday, April 20th at the Brava Theater in San Francisco. An exclusive screening of the horror movie “Bloodwood” with shorts by guest filmmakers Nara Denning and L. Jeffrey Moore.

RSVP or learn more at our Facebook Event Page

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San Francisco high rise

I dreamt that I was in San Francisco visiting Steve, Chris, & Cori. They lived in a tall building that was made entirely of thin metal bars. Even though their apartment was fully furnished, I had to walk carefully to avoid falling through the floor.

Steve proudly showed me a large white wall and suggested that I show a movie on it. I told him I didn’t have any DVDs on me, so I left to find one. I dropped through a gap in the floor and began swinging like a monkey through the metal bars of the building. Soon I came to a part of the building which was tangled with wires and cables. I could sense the electronic signals coursing through the wires and realized that somebody was streaming Bloodwood to a large satellite dish. I didn’t want to interrupt the signal, but I hacked into it and added a message suggesting that anyone who enjoyed the movie should consider paying something for it.

Looks like I’ve got some subconscious fears about my movie being pirated.

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