Since I was a child, I’ve been fixated by dreams. In the darker times sleep was a place to escape the mundane world for one with limitless potential. Dreams were more than just subconscious imagery. They were portals to another reality.

Today I’m much more comfortable with who I am and the world around me. Still, dreams remain a place to explore my thought process and do things beyond my mortal means. That’s because I’m a lucid dreamer. In nearly all of the dreams, I am aware that I’m dreaming and have a large degree of control. I almost always start as an observer of the action, then when things get really weird (as they usually do) I’ll use superhuman abilities to escape, change, or destroy everything around me. It’s definitely a mental power trip… kind of like playing a video game on “God mode”.

A lot of recent dreams have a continuity, haunted by recurring characters and locations. All of this has gotten me thinking about a new story idea. What if there were people who could not only change the reality of their own dreams but also have the power to change the “real world” through dreams? Quantum physics already suggests that our perceptions affect our reality. Before I do any development on this idea, I’ll have to rewatch “Dreamscape”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, and “The Matrix” to be sure I’m not subconsciously recycling what’s already been done.

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