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Bloodwood – Hiding from the Ferals

Lindsey and TJ hide from the cannibals Snaggletooth and “Big Bad Mama”. A scene from the horror movie “Bloodwood” featuring actors Kate Corey, Cori Jenab, Braidon Thorn, and Carolyn Davidson.

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Bloodwood 4/20 screening in San Francisco

Tuesday, April 20th at the Brava Theater in San Francisco. An exclusive screening of the horror movie “Bloodwood” with shorts by guest filmmakers Nara Denning and L. Jeffrey Moore.

RSVP or learn more at our Facebook Event Page

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Bloodwood premiere March 28th

Don’t miss the world premiere of “BLOODWOOD”, the exciting horror movie made in Butte County by local filmmakers and actors!
Sunday, March 28th at 1pm at the El Rey Theatre, 230 W 2nd St, Chico, CA 95928
Doors open at 12:30pm

• $5 Tickets
• Meet the Cast & Crew
• Win DVDs and Posters
• Party after the movie at Lost on Main (must be 21 or older)

Bloodwood postcard

Bloodwood postcard

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San Francisco high rise

I dreamt that I was in San Francisco visiting Steve, Chris, & Cori. They lived in a tall building that was made entirely of thin metal bars. Even though their apartment was fully furnished, I had to walk carefully to avoid falling through the floor.

Steve proudly showed me a large white wall and suggested that I show a movie on it. I told him I didn’t have any DVDs on me, so I left to find one. I dropped through a gap in the floor and began swinging like a monkey through the metal bars of the building. Soon I came to a part of the building which was tangled with wires and cables. I could sense the electronic signals coursing through the wires and realized that somebody was streaming Bloodwood to a large satellite dish. I didn’t want to interrupt the signal, but I hacked into it and added a message suggesting that anyone who enjoyed the movie should consider paying something for it.

Looks like I’ve got some subconscious fears about my movie being pirated.

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