I’ve had recurring dreams about an amusement park that is under construction. In the latest dream, I was with a group of people packed inside a large spherical cage. When I asked what they were doing, one said that they were hiding from the monkey outside.

I left the cage and began climbing a half-built roller coaster. Above me, a hairless gray-skinned monkey was jumping around and throwing pieces of metal. I chased the monkey across the beams but couldn’t reach it.

The large cage full of people was suddenly on the roller coaster track, rolling towards me. I jumped to safety on another part of the track but saw that the cage was speeding towards an unfinished part of the ride. I jumped onto the cage and pulled it sideways off the track. We fell onto a lower part of the track and rolled to a stop. The people inside the cage were screaming. I told them to be quiet, then realized their skin was turning gray.

The people changed into gray-skinned monkeys and began shaking the cage from the inside.  I climbed up the skeletal roller coaster as water flooded the cage and the monkey people drowned.

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