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“Bloodwood Cannibals” coming to DVD

This fall, my horror movie “Bloodwood” will be widely distributed by Eagle One Media as “Bloodwood Cannibals”. The new title should help horror fans find the movie and know what it’s about just by looking at the cover. Check out the new artwork and look for the new DVD soon. Special features will include audio commentary and the complete “Hunting the Unknown” web series.

Bloodwood Cannibals horror movie poster

Bloodwood Cannibals horror movie poster

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photos from the Bloodwood premiere

The March 28th premiere of Bloodwood was a huge success! A line of eager horror fans was wrapped around the block, but everyone made it in and had a great time (including the bat who swooped around for a while before clinging to the top of the screen). Thank you to everyone who made the day so special: the Bloodwood cast & crew, our audience & guests, and Tomahawk Productions for putting on a crazy after-party at Lost on Main. Enjoy the photos!

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Bloodwood – Hiding from the Ferals

Lindsey and TJ hide from the cannibals Snaggletooth and “Big Bad Mama”. A scene from the horror movie “Bloodwood” featuring actors Kate Corey, Cori Jenab, Braidon Thorn, and Carolyn Davidson.

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Bloodwood premiere March 28th

Don’t miss the world premiere of “BLOODWOOD”, the exciting horror movie made in Butte County by local filmmakers and actors!
Sunday, March 28th at 1pm at the El Rey Theatre, 230 W 2nd St, Chico, CA 95928
Doors open at 12:30pm

• $5 Tickets
• Meet the Cast & Crew
• Win DVDs and Posters
• Party after the movie at Lost on Main (must be 21 or older)

Bloodwood postcard

Bloodwood postcard

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Bloodwood – The Hunters are the Prey

Here’s another scene from the horror movie “Bloodwood”. This one features supporting actors Michael and Conan Duch as two hunters who are attacked by the cannibals of Bloodwood forest. This one features foul language and gore, so make sure the kiddies are out of the room!

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Fantasy vs Sci-Fi

I’m still undecided on which project to pursue after Bloodwood. Looking over the script for Fallen Sky, I realize it would be very hard to do with a small budget and still have a fantasy feel. It could work as a gritty urban drama if I want to take it that way. On the other hand, my sci-fi idea based on dreams could be shot on a limited budget if I develop it the same way as Bloodwood, by writing the story around locations and FX that are easy to find or make.

Sci-Fi films tend to be more successful than fantasy, with the notable exceptions of LOTR and Harry Potter. And those already had loyal fans from the books. Original fantasy is hard to sell compared to sci-fi, at least according to my former lit agent.

Midsummer Nightmare and Bloodwood 2 are also options,  even though I’d rather my second feature be something besides horror. Still, I think the best plan may be to enter scripts into contests and see what wins and/or gets attention from producers.

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