I was in the old barn on our property in Kentucky, looking for somebody. There was a loud mechanical roar outside, and I went out to see a large 747 type airplane flying overhead.

Suddenly I was in the plane’s cabin. There was no pilot or crew, so I sat down in the pilot’s seat. The passengers behind me were yelling to be let off the plane, and I tried to explain that I didn’t know how to land it. I flew the plane at an extremely low altitude above a wide city street, almost scraping the cars below.

The passengers started jumping out of the plane as I flew it beneath power lines and overpasses. The street was now empty of cars and the plane became an extension of my body. As soon as all the passengers were gone, I transformed my metallic plane body into a soft, shining form. I couldn’t see myself, but it felt like I was a golden bat. I flew away from the city towards an ocean.

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