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Dream Raiders concept art

Here’s the second piece of digital art I’ve created for “Dream Raiders”, the first being the spiral image that may be used as a symbol for Project Nautilus.

In this piece, Lily enters the dark forest that is one of her many dream realms…

Dream Raiders concept art - Lily

Dream Raiders concept art - Lily


Project Nautilus Candidate Profile: Cartwright, Lily

Profile by MAJ Arnold Pendrak, Special Operations Division

Lily Cartwright (Subject) is the most powerful dreamer the Project has found at the time of this profile. However, her potential as Project operative requires further assessment. Subject suffers from mental instability as a result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Subject was 12 years old when she was kidnapped by Randolph Murch on Feb. 14th, 2004. For nearly six years, Subject was caged in Murch’s basement where she suffered unspeakable mental and physical torture. Subject reports that she took refuge in her dreams and learned to control her dream world. Subject also reports that she escaped the basement after killing Murch in a dream. The Baltimore Coroner’s autopsy revealed that Murch suffered a fatal coronary failure at the approximate time that Subject claims to have made the lethal transference.

Subsequent studies have confirmed that Subject is indeed capable of Targeted Lethal Transference (TLT). Project handlers recommend extreme caution when dealing with Subject, whose moods and behavior are unpredictable. Though normally quiet and withdrawn, Subject may prove to be a danger to herself and everyone around her. Proceeding to Level 2 testing.

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2010 Resolutions

#1 – Sell Bloodwood. First I have to finish the movie, but that’s almost in the now proverbial can.  The DVDs should be ready in February and available to the public in March. I guestimate that I’ll break even at around 4,000 DVDs, so I’m aiming for 10,000 plus distribution deals to ensure that the cast and crew get paid.

#2 – Find an audience and Producer for Dream Raiders. While promoting Bloodwood, I’ll connect with Sci-Fi fans and industry professionals who want to get involved with the web series / feature. I have to start watching more web series to see what works and what doesn’t.  If necessary, I can shoot a pilot episode on a shoestring budget.

#3 – Get more involved with local productions. I’ve been so focused on finishing Bloodwood that I’ve become somewhat of a hermit. Time to get out there and work on more indie shorts and theater.  Helping with Chico Cabaret’s production of “Evil Dead – The Musical” will be fun and I look forward to more acting roles.

#4 – Eat better, excercise more. I’m in good shape but I need to eat less sugary processed foods and more vegetables. I should also add more cardio to my exercise regimen. Damn… now I want a cookie.

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writing season

Winter is always the best time for writing. On cold, wet days there’s nothing to do but sit and get out the stories that have been buzzing around in my head for the past few months.

The treatment for Dream Raiders  is finished and like most of my scripts, it’s very ambitious.  It’s meant to be “scalable” in terms of budget even though it’s very FX heavy. A lot more needs to be developed before I show it to anyone, but it feels like I’m off to a good start.

I’ve also been tweaking the Fallen Sky screenplay.  Scenes or dialogue that didn’t add to the story are gone, making it much leaner while keeping the spirit and “holy shit” ending. It’s still probably too “big budget” to be my next movie, but SOMEDAY…

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Dream Raiders

This weekend I wrote an outline for “Dream Raiders”, a science fiction movie divided into twelve 8-10 minute episodes. The story is about a man who is dying from a brain tumor but becoming a powerful lucid dreamer. He is recruited by a top secret agency to stop an invasion of Sleepwalkers, mysterious beings who can take control of a dreamer’s mind and body.

I don’t plan to start filming another movie until “Bloodwood” has gotten around and I’ve seen what other options are out there, but developing “Dream Raiders” will give me something creative to do in the meantime. Because much of the story is set in dreams, there’s opportunity for all kinds of cool visual effects that are scaleable. I’m toying with ideas like creating one dream sequence with Machinema and other mixing animation and live action. If I have to do most of them myself, it will be a fun way to experiment and learn some new After Effects tricks. If there’s a budget to hire professional VFX artists… the sky is the limit.

Now I just need to put a “coming soon” graphic on… and finish writing the darn thing.

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