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Abby Polakow
costume designer

Mark Bedell
stunts / props / fx

Sheldon Whittaker Visual FX

Fallen Sky: The Shining Blades is a fantasy adventure about a princess and her young champion, whose forbidden love threatens to destroy their world.

The lands of Cintras are poised on the brink of chaos. Desperate bandits have united with the ancient Saurians against the Sky Queen and her Celestial Tribe. But war is only a prelude to an invasion by a powerful entity from another world. The fate of Cintras lies with the princess Carmen and her beloved Tann, a troubled warrior destined to betray his tribe.

For a short time, the novel will be available for download. The first three chapters are available here:

If you read those three chapters, please EMAIL your comments and any errors you might find. The rest of the novel will then be made available.

Thank you for your help and support!

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