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The Cypher advance posterThe Cypher is a short digital thriller about three people whose lives are forever changed by the lure of easy money. Rachel Harper is a dedicated social worker who provides living assistance for Danny, a mentally challenged young man. When Rachel learns that Danny has been visiting a stranger's house, she investigates and meets Richard Hutchins, a reclusive hacker who has been using Danny's amazing code-breaking abilities to steal millions of dollars electronically from major corporations. Rachel is soon drawn into the scheme despite her fears and Danny's growing reluctance to solve the complicated "puzzles".


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Blooper Reel - 4.8 MB MP4
Teaser Trailer - 2.7 MB MP4
Teaser Trailer - 6.7 MB Windows Media

Music by Martijn de Man
Opening Titles - 4.6MB MP3
What's Wrong with Him - 3.1MB MP3
Breaking Down - 5.3MB MP3
Happy Ending - 3.5MB MP3

Actor Notes
Lead actor Jonathan Nail writes about
making The Cypher.

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