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Film Phreak reviews 'Bloodwood Cannibals'

"The balance of horror, action and comedy is a delicate one, indeed, and a strong wind of unsteady hands in the creative end of things would have brought the whole thing down in pieces. But everything in this movie achieves a perfect proportion with the other bits and the whole. Hillbilly horror aficionados really should do themselves the favor and check this out." http://filmphreak.tumblr.com/

Local horror film 'Bloodwood' impresses viewers

"This movie passed the bathroom test: Do I want to see what happens next so much I skip a much-needed trip to the bathroom? In this case, yes. There were several million-dollar productions I could have seen, but I feel like I made the right decision by seeing something locally-produced that had a great plot and some really fun-to-watch scenes."

GeekTyrant.com supports 'Bloodwood Cannibals'

"As a full-on supporter of indie films I say Joshua Siegel and Arcadian Entertainment have one of the best low budget indie horror films I've seen in a while and it's a lot of fun. He knows how to make a horror movie and this is one that you shouldn't miss!"

Vault of Obscurity reviews 'Bloodwood Cannibals'

"A solid micro budget entry into the backwoods cannibal genre that seems to be flooding DVD shelfs ever since the success of Wrong Turn. Not one of the best, but better than most. Supplies some decent scenes of gore, to go with fairly well done characters and acting."

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